The JINA Virtual Journal of Nuclear Astrophysics

The literature of nuclear astrophysics is diffuse, appearing in a large variety of journals. The editors of this JINA virtual journal intend to provide an up-to-date access to articles of interest to our community. The articles are chosen from the publications below, which in our experience publish relevant articles, at least occasionally. We have attempted to include mainly articles of interest to those interested in the implications of nuclear phenomena for astrophysical processes. There is an obvious gray area at intersections with other fields, for example, with particle astrophysics, and with cosmology. The editors do not claim to be entirely consistent in their choices, but will try to err on the side of inclusiveness.

The new articles published each week are enumerated separately. As a result, articles submitted to the preprint servers and then published will appear at least twice in the historical list.

Contact us your suggestions for changes in our publication coverage, and for adjustment of our criteria for inclusion of particular articles.

A paper describing the development and management of the JINA Virtual Journal is now published in D-Lib Magazine.

See D-Lib Magazine for details.

Source Journals

Journal Checked After
American Journal of Physics2003-09-12
Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics2003-07-18
Annual Review of Nuclear and Particle Science2003-07-18 - Astrophysics2003-07-18 - Nuclear Experiment2003-08-08 - Nuclear Theory2003-07-18
Astronomical Journal2005-09-30
Astronomische Nachrichten2006-05-19
Astronomy and Astrophysics2003-07-18
Astronomy and Astrophysics Review2006-05-05
Astronomy Letters2003-08-01
Astronomy Reports2003-07-25
Astroparticle Physics2004-07-23
The Astrophysical Journal2003-07-18
The Astrophysical Journal Letters2003-07-25
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement2003-07-25
Atomic Data and Nuclear Data Tables2005-01-06
The European Physical Journal A2004-04-16
JETP Letters2003-10-03
Journal of Physics G2004-03-12
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society2003-08-15
Nature Astronomy2017-02-03
New Astronomy2003-08-29
New Astronomy Reviews2004-09-10
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A2003-11-21
Nuclear Physics A2003-07-25
Nuclear Physics B2003-08-29
Nuclear Physics News2006-07-21
Physical Review C2003-07-18
Physical Review D2003-07-18
Physical Review Letters2003-07-18
Physics Letters B2003-07-25
Physics of Atomic Nuclei2010-06-04
Physics of Particles and Nuclei2003-11-28
Physics Reports2003-08-08
Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics2003-08-29
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia2004-07-30
Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan2007-04-06
Reviews of Modern Physics2003-08-29